DealerSync is a new, growing company headquartered in Southern California. Since our founding, we have developed a number of business tools to improve and streamline the way auto dealerships do business. Today we are completely dedicated to our flagship product and namesake, DealerSync.

We’ve been fortunate to have engaged the skills of some of the best developers in the business to create our products. DealerSync represents the finest efforts of top web designers and engineers from Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon, and we are very excited to bring this new technology to the auto business.

Over the years, our aim is to earn the repeat business of thousands of customers, including some of the world’s largest – and smallest – companies. It’s rare that a business tool is equally popular with the big guys and the small guys, but DealerSync is that kind of platform. Small shops, mid-sized companies and multinationals all rely on DealerSync.

What makes us different?

Our Technology
DealerSync’s new platform represents a revolution in how automotive dealerships will be managing, marketing and growing their business, now and in the future. Our proprietary software packages truly bring the dealership model into the 21st century. No more manual tracking, uploading and data input – DealerSync is taking the entire concept of dealer management technology from the analog to the digital world.
The technical innovations DealerSync brings to the table are only part of the story. Our intention is no less than to change the nature of how the auto dealer industry does business. We have found that transparency and service have not only been the two guiding principles that drove the success of our own dealerships, we believe that these concepts also translate to the DealerSync system itself. By making more information transparent to more people all along the data chain – including your customers – the more useful the program, and also the greater the trust you will build with your own customers. We’ve seen this business model work for us, and with our vision of a greatly expanded information system like DealerSync, we are confident this model will work just as well for you.
Our Vision
Our Support
Our years of experience in all aspects of the auto selling and marketing business form the backbone our customer support system. With our expert team of tech specialists, quality training and consulting services, along with our uncompromising attitude towards service, DealerSync is committed to client support at every point in the system. While DealerSync is designed to be intuitive, easy and user-friendly, you can get answers and guidance at every step – and talk to us while you’re using it.