DealerSync Referral Program

The DealerSync Referral Program allows you to receive an incentive for inviting Dealers to join the DealerSync family.

Our referral program is openly available to allow anyone the opportunity to recommend DealerSync to their network of automotive dealership contacts.

How to Participate

  • Discuss with your automotive contacts the benefits of using the DealerSync suite of dealership products
  • Click below and fill out the form to provide DealerSync with the direct contact information for the manager or owner of the dealership
  • A member of our Sales Team will reach out to your contact to discuss how DealerSync can help them grow and manage their business
  • Once the referred Dealer is signed, you will receive a referral payout towards your DealerSync account
  • Referrer must provide a valid W-9 Form

Terms & Conditions

To receive a referral payout a new DealerSync contract must be signed with the referred dealer. The lead must not have a pre-existing relationship with DealerSync. Each incentive can be applied towards one rooftop. Referring dealer groups with multiple rooftops can result in an incentive per rooftop only if each rooftop signs up for a separate DealerSync account.

Are you interested in referring dealerships to DealerSync on a regular basis?